DRYGALO is a name of the family, which members have created a delicious brand “DRYGALO”.

Today DRYGALO Company is the recognized leader of the Ukrainian market of frozen semi-finished products and ready-to-eat meals. A lot of medals at international exhibitions and many grand prix – confirmation of high quality and success of the Company. More than 150 products of our assortment – vareniki, pancakes, dumplings, pastries, French fries, soups, as well as meat, vegetable and fruit products – we successfully sell in Ukraine and export to Europe, USA, Canada, Israel…


1995 – Private Entrepreneur Drygalo Liudmyla Borysivna with two assistants founds the production of frozen semi-finished products with an area of 20 square meters and a capacity of 20 kg/h.

1998 – Increasing productive capacity up to 300 kg/h on the area of 300 sq.m., the number of employees is 25 persons.

2000 – A year of rapid expansion of the company. Company area increased to 1200 sq.m. because of the automation of production processes, and productivity increased up to 1000 kg/h. The number of employees is 100 persons.

2002 – TM “Drygalo” produces already 120 kinds of products.

2003 – Year of the opening of the first building of the factory with total area of 1300 sq.m. and productive efficiency of 2000 kg/h. The number of employees is 200 persons. From this year the trade mark annually participates in specialized international exhibitions: “Cold /Ice cream and frozen foods,” where TM “Drygalo” has been repeatedly noted with significant awards, such as the Grand Prix and gold medals.
Within two years (2002-2003) the TM “Drygalo” was the winner of the National Award “Vyshcha Proba”. International Academic Rating “Golden Fortune” awarded the enterprise by Silver and Gold steles and certificates of quality. According to the results of the contest “The favorite of Olympus”, the enterprise was awarded by the “Best Enterprise 2004”.

In 2004, the trade mark “Drygalo” was recognized as the “Best trade mark” and awarded by the medal “Public Recognition”. In addition, PE “Drygalo” participated in the tasting competition – “Best Manufacturer of the Year” and received the highest award “Golden star of quality.”

2005 – TM “Drygalo” is awarded by the “Golden Mercury” by the European Business Assembly and the International Academic Rating “Golden Fortune” awarded the enterprise by the “Golden stele” in the “Quality of the Third Millennium.” TM “Drygalo” became the winner of the All-Ukrainian competition “100 Best Products of Ukraine.” In the same year the management of TM “Drygalo” come to a decision on the need to implement quality system management in accordance with international standard ISO 9001 and the system of Food Safety Management System ISO 22000 needed to exit TM “Drygalo” on the international market. In 2005, the enterprise has implemented quality system management in accordance with DSTU ISO 9001-2001.

2006 – Year of the launch of the second stage of the factory. Area of 2500 sq.m. Productive efficiency is 4000 kg/h, the number of employees is 500 persons. TM “Drygalo” continues to participate in various exhibitions, including the foreign exhibition “Green Week” (Berlin 2006).

In 2007 for the “Best Product of the Year” TM “Drygalo” presented 3 types of products that have received the highest awards and TM “Drygalo” – the title of “Best Producer 2007”. In addition, in 2007, were obtained 2 first places for semi-finished packaging (film and carton box) and the first place in the competition “Food Olympus” in the nomination “Production of fast food.” In September of the same year the enterprise was honored with the prestigious award “European quality” (Oxford City).

2008 – Completion of the thirdphase of construction of factories with the total area of 4600 sq.m. Productive efficiency is 6000 kg/h. Today the number of employees is 650 persons. Geography of sales is all regions of Ukraine. After Ukraine’s accession to the World Trade Organization, the company has had intention to introduce its products to the markets of the Commonwealth of Independent States and Europe.

2009 – All-Ukrainian Festival of ice cream, TM “Drygalo” was honored with the diploma for sponsorship. 1st degree Diploma in “Charity and philanthropy”

2010 – Year of the introduction of an integrated system for two quality standards DSTU ISO 9001: 2009 and DSTU ISO 9001: 2007.

2011 – Exhibition “The World of Ice Cream and Cold”: Gold medal for cakes with cherry feeling, Gold medal for ravioli with seafood, Silver medal for cabbage rolls.

2017 – Development of Ready-To-Eat Products (Ready Meals).


The strategic objective of the enterprise is the production and promotion of high quality frozen semi-finished and ready-to-eat products that best meet the requirements of consumers in all price segments in the markets of Ukraine, as well as whole world.

To achieve the enterprise’s strategy, management applies advanced innovative technological solutions, using high-quality natural raw materials, controls the production guided system of quality management and food safety (HACCP).

We believe that achievement maximum customer satisfaction will help to increase sales, improve employee motivation, and improve the financial performance of the enterprise.